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Surveys: Customize a survey's page header

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Each survey can have its own unique page header, or you can choose to use the default header from your system settings. The header will display at the very top of the public survey, above the workpad content.

To customize a survey's page header settings:

  1. While editing your survey, click on the Survey Options tab.
  2. Click on the Page Header panel to expand it, then make your customizations.
  3. For the Page Header Type‚Äč, select the Use the System Settings option to use the default page header from your LibWizard system settings. Otherwise, select Use a custom page header for this form and configure the following options:
    1. To include a banner image, enter its URL in the Image URL field. This can be the URL to an image uploaded to your LibApps Image Manager library, or from some other location on the Web.
    2. To add text by entering it into the Survey Header Text field. If you also added an Image URL, please note that this text will display below that image.
    3. You can also use CSS code to style the header text by adding it to the CSS text box.
      • Only include the CSS properties (e.g. color: red;) -- do not include selectors or <style></style> tags.
      • Please note that these properties will be applied as inline styles to the <div> element that contains your page header content.
  4. Click the Save Changes button.
Customizing a survey's page header