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Quizzes: Customize a quiz's friendly URL

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By default, a quiz's public URL will just be a string of numbers and letters. To give your quiz a URL that's easy to share and remember, you can give it a friendly URL. This will appear after your LibWizard domain name -- for example, a friendly URL of "boolean" would look like: https://yourlibrary.libwizard.com/f/boolean.

To customize a quiz's friendly URL:

  1. Edit your quiz.
  2. Click on the Quiz Options tab.
  3. Click on the Basic Info panel to expand it.
  4. Enter the text you want to use in the Friendly URL field. (Friendly URLs can only contain alphanumeric characters, hyphens, and underscores.)
  5. Click on the Save Changes button.
Customizing a quiz's friendly URL