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Tutorials: Add a timer to a tutorial

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If you would like to limit how much time a user has to complete your tutorial, you can set a timer. This will allow you to specify how long (in minutes) a user has to complete and submit the tutorial. If the user is unable to finish the tutorial in the allotted time, they will see a message saying that time has run out and will have the opportunity to submit their answers up to that point.

  1. When a user takes a tutorial with a timer, it will display below the question column. The timer counts down in real time so the user will be able to see the time remaining.
Example of a timer counting down on a tutorial
  1. If the timer expires before a user can submit the tutorial, a message will appear on the page letting them know that time has run out. They will then be allowed to submit what they've completed up to that point.
Message letting a user know the timer has expired

To set a timer for your tutorial:

  1. While editing your tutorial, under the Tutorial Options tab, click on the Tutorial/Assessment Options panel to expand it.
  2. In the Timer field, enter the number of minutes a user will have to submit the tutorial. (Enter 0 if you do not want to set a timer.)
  3. Click the Save Changes button at the top of the page.
Setting the timer for a tutorial