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Tutorials: Show or hide a tutorial's Menu and Back buttons

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When designing a tutorial with multiple page breaks and/or slides, you have the option of displaying a navigation menu and Back (Prev. Slide) button. This can allow users to go back to the previous page to view and/or change their responses or skip ahead to other slides.

  • Standalone tutorials have both a navigation menu, which allows you to navigate between slides, and a Back button, which allows users to navigate through prior question page breaks and slides.
  • Embedded tutorials do not have navigation menus, since they only contain a single slide. However, because you can add page breaks to the question column, the Back button can still be displayed.
Example of a Standalone tutorial's menu and Back button
Example of a standalone tutorial's Menu and Back button

To enable the Menu and/or Back button

  1. While editing your tutorial, under the Tutorial Options tab, click on the Tutorial/Assessment Options panel to expand it.
  2. If this is a Standalone tutorial, use the Display Menu & Back Button checkbox to toggle the navigation options on and off.
    • If this is an Embedded tutorial, this checkbox will be labeled Display Back Button.
  3. Click the Save Changes button at the top of the page.
Toggling the Menu & Back Button option