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Tutorials: Add, edit, and reorder slides in a standalone tutorial

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In a standalone tutorial, your content is organized into slides -- just like a PowerPoint presentation. Each slide has two main parts:

  • A question column, which can contain questions, instructions, descriptions, and other information. Think of this as your narrative for the slide.
  • The main slide content, which allows you to embed external content directly into the slide. This can include things like a website, a LibGuide, an image, a PDF file, embedded media (like a YouTube video), or your own rich text content. This is the content you want to explain, tour, or demonstrate with your question column.

For example, if you were creating a tutorial to help patrons learn how to use your catalog, you could display your live catalog in the tutorial. Then, you could add content to the question column to walk them through running searches, putting items on hold, or accessing their patron account. You could even add graded questions to assess their search skills!

Add slides

  1. While editing your tutorial, click on the Add Slide button in the Slide Area.
The Add Slide button in the Slide Area
  1. In the Add Slide window, enter a name for the slide in the Title field. This will appear as the slide's heading in the public view.
  2. From the Slide Content options, select the type of content you want to display in your slide. See the links below for more information about each content type:
  3. Click the Save button to finish adding your slide.
The Title and Slide Content options

Reorder slides

Via drag-and-drop

  1. Click on the field's Move Slide () icon and drag the field up or down the slide area.
  2. Drop the field into the new position.
  3. Save your changes.
Reordering a slide using drag and drop

Via each slide's position menu

You can also reorder a slide by using its Position dropdown menu. Simply click on it, select a new position from the list, and the slide area will update automatically.

Reordering a slide using the position dropdown

Edit & delete slides

  1. To edit a slide, click on its Edit () icon in the Slide Area (or just double-click on the slide itself).
  2. To delete a slide, click on its Delete () icon in the Slide Area.
    • Note: deleting a slide will also delete its questions, including their submission data, so be careful! This cannot be undone!
The Edit and Delete icons in the Slide Area