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Editing and deleting user accounts in LibWizard

Admin users have the ability to manage all user accounts in LibWizard.

Managing user accounts

  1. Go to Admin > Accounts.
    1. To edit an account's permissions, click on its Edit () icon in the Actions column.
      • Regular users are able to create and edit their own content. They can also view and edit forms, surveys, quizzes, and tutorials that they have been given permission to view and/or edit. Regular users do not have the ability to manage user accounts or system settings.
      • Admin users can create new content, as well as edit all content in the system (public or private). They can also manage user accounts and system settings, as well.
    2. To remove an account, click on its Delete () icon in the Actions column.
      • Note: this will only remove the user's account -- it will not delete content the user had created.
      • When deleting an account you must select a user account to inherit the content owned by the user you are removing. This will reassign the ownership of all content created by the account being removed.
        deleting a user account

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