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Customize your LibAnswers account settings

While admin users have control over what parts of LibAnswers accounts can access (queues, FAQ groups, LibChat departments), all account holders have a set of their own LibAnswers account settings that they can manage. The following sections correspond to the different account settings available to regular-level users (admin users will have a few additional options for their account), with the links below providing you more info on the available settings. 

Accessing your account settings

  1. To access your account settings, click on your email address in the orange command bar.
    • If you are a Regular user, you can also go to Admin > Account.
    • Or, if you are an Admin user, you can go to Admin > Accounts and edit your account from that page.
  2. On the Manage Account page, adjust your settings as needed.

General account settings

The top section of the Manage Account page allows you to customize some basic settings for your account.

LibChat settings

If LibChat is enabled for your account, the LibChat Settings section of the Manage Account page allows you to: 

  • Choose which departments and queues to monitor by default.
  • Turn sound notifications on/off by default.
  • Configure your idle message (which displays to patrons if you've been idle after a specified number of minutes).
  • Select which appointment schedulers to use (these are links sent to patrons for scheduling follow-up appointments with you).
  • Set the default view for your chat dashboard.

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