Create and manage FAQ groups, topics, and keywords

What are FAQ groups?

Groups are the primary way of organizing your FAQs in LibAnswers. Each system needs to have at least one FAQ group (your "Default" group); however, you can add as many groups as you'd like. For example, you can add groups for different departments or services, such as:

  • General reference
  • Library/admin policies and procedures
  • Circulation policies
  • ILL policies
  • Special collections and archives
  • Tech support

Depending on your organization, you could also have dedicated groups for different branch or campus library. Or, if you partner with other departments or organizations, you could have FAQ groups for writing help, tutoring, or career development. Because each group can have its availability settings, you can create both public and internal FAQ groups. This gives you the ability to create internal knowledge bases for your staff, with things such as access codes, passwords, staff directories, internal policies & procedures, etc. Each group also has its own user access settings, too, which gives you full control over who can view and add/edit FAQs, as well as configure a group's settings.

In addition to keeping your FAQs organized, each group also has its own set of customizable webpages. These allow your users to browse, search, and view your FAQs, with the webpages for your Default groups serving as the homepage for your LibAnswers system. Each group contains the following pages:

  • Homepage - the landing page for your group (the homepage for your Default group serves as the homepage for your LibAnswers system)
  • FAQ Page - the page people see when they click on an individual question
  • Search Page - the search results page

Your webpages can share the same overall look and feel, or you can customize each group with its own header, footer, and custom javascript/CSS code.

Groups and FAQs

LibAnswers allows you to create an online knowledge base of questions and answers that your patrons can access 24/7. These questions and answers are called FAQs

Within LibAnswers, FAQs are organized in one or more groups. Each group can then be further organized by topic and keyword, which allows your patrons to more easily browse and search for the most relevant FAQs.

Create and manage your FAQ groups

Each LibAnswers system starts out with a default group, which serves as the primary homepage for your LibAnswers system. However, you can add as many additional groups as you'd like. 

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Customize a group's settings & pages

To edit an FAQ group, go to Admin > FAQ Groups and click on its edit () icon in the Actions column.

User access

A group's user access settings controls who has the ability to view, add, and edit FAQs in that group. By default, all system-level admin users will have admin access to each group. However, the user access settings also give you the ability to designate regular-level users who can manage the group's settings, as well. In the case of Restricted Internal groups, a Regular user must be given at least Read-only access to a group in order to view its FAQs.

General group settings

Look & feel options


Your FAQ group's public pages are what allow users to browse, search, and view the group's FAQs. Each group has a homepage, FAQ page template, and search results page, all of which can be customized using either the default or advanced customization options.

Default (simple) customization options

When you create a new FAQ group, your pages will be ready to go right out of the box. That's because the default customization options automatically apply a user-friendly layout to each page of your group. This not only makes it easy to get your group up and running, but it also greatly simplifies the customization process. Instead of having to build each page from scratch, you can control the layout and content of your pages with just a few straightforward options. 

Advanced customization options

If you'd like to get more hands-on with customizing the layout and content of your pages, consider enabling the advanced customization options. Unlike the default customization options, which more or less lock you into a default layout for each page, these will allow you to customize each page of your group individually -- from the number of columns on each page to the content inside of each box.

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Create and manage FAQ topics & keywords


‚ÄčTopics allow you to organize the FAQs in each of your Groups. When a user is viewing your group's homepage, they'll see an option to browse FAQs by topic. They'll also be able to filter search results by topic, as well. In addition, topics can also be used to create customized FAQ List widgets.


Unlike topics, which patrons can use to browse FAQs, keywords are designed to improve the relevancy ranking of FAQs in search results. When a patron's search query contains a keyword that you assign to an FAQ, that FAQ will have a higher relevancy ranking. As a result, patrons will be more likely to find it. 

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