Shifts 101: viewing, swapping, giving up, claiming, and clocking in/out

LibStaffer gives you several ways to view and manage your assigned shifts, right from your dashboard. If you're not taken to your dashboard right after signing into LibStaffer, you can get there at any time by clicking Home in the navigation bar.

The LibStaffer dashboard

My Upcoming Shifts: give up, swap, or split shifts

Front and center on your dashboard is a list of your upcoming shifts for the next week. For each shift, you will see options to give it up for someone else to claim, swap with another person's shift, or split the shift so you can give up or swap just one part of it. (Note: some options may be disabled by your schedule's Admin.)

The My Upcoming Shifts tab

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Open Shifts: claim open & given up shifts

You can view a list of all shifts available to claim from your schedules, including those given up by others and open shifts that your Admin has allowed to be picked up by anyone.

The Open Shifts tab

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Clock in & out for your shifts

If your schedule(s) require you to clock in and out for your shifts, you can do so by clicking the Clock In/Out button on the dashboard.

The Clock In/Out button and Clock In window

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View your upcoming time off

You can quickly see if you have any approved time off coming up. Drag the timeline left and right to navigate between dates, or use your mouse wheel to zoom the timeline in and out.

The My Upcoming Time Off timeline

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