Add and manage LibStaffer user accounts

What are the account levels in LibStaffer?

There are three different account levels in LibStaffer.

  • Admin users can manage all schedules, shifts, user accounts, and system settings. They are also able to be added to schedules and assigned to shifts.
  • Regular users can be added to schedules and assigned to shifts, which is ideal for most staff. For each schedule, an admin can elevate regular users to serve as admins just for that schedule. This would allow them to create, assign, and manage shifts, shift swaps, and time off for just that schedule -- not the entire system.
  • Inactive users cannot log into LibStaffer, but will continue to display in your historic reports so you retain accurate data on their work history. This is ideal for former employees.

Account Permissions

Permission Admin Users Regular Users Inactive Users
Sign into LibStaffer Yes Yes No
Manage system settings & user accounts Yes No No
Create schedules & manage schedule settings Yes No No
Create, assign, & manage shifts Yes, all schedules Yes, but only if made a schedule's admin No
Mediate shift swaps & time off requests (if required) Yes, all schedules Yes, but only if made a schedule's admin No
Generate reports Yes Yes, but only if made a schedule's admin No
View schedules Yes Yes No
Swap shifts with other users (if enabled) Yes Yes No
Give up shifts (if enabled) Yes Yes No
Claim open shifts (if enabled) Yes Yes No
Submit time off requests Yes Yes, if enabled by admin No
Create & manage workflow forms Yes No No
Review & manage workflow form submissions Yes Yes, but only if given access to a form No

Creating accounts

Within your LibStaffer system, you can only create as many accounts as allowed by your subscription level. You can view your subscription level from Admin > System Settings.  If you find that you need to add more accounts, contact the Springy Sales Team to increase your limit.

Also, if you need to add a bunch of accounts at once, you can contact the Springy Support Team and we can help you bulk import users to your LibStaffer system. 

Managing accounts

After creating an account (and also during the initial account creation process), admin users can edit all aspects of the account's settings and access.

Note: regular users can also edit their own default scheduleworking hoursmaximum hoursLibCal syncingOutlook/Exchange calendar syncingGoogle Calendar syncingalert notifications, and profile information.


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