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Manage bookings for Tickets & Passes

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The Tickets & Passes module is a dedicated interface to book passes to museums and other institutions with whom you partner. Patrons can book passes online through public pages. On the admin side, staff can add, edit and manage bookings as described below.

Tickets & Passes in the LibCal navigation bar
Example of the Overview tab for Tickets & Passes bookings management

Add bookings for tickets and passes

While your patrons can book passes on their own, staff can also create new bookings from the admin side of the module. This can be helpful if a patron needs help making a booking (in-person, over the phone, etc.).

Edit or cancel bookings

After a booking has been confirmed, you can make updates as needed. Changes to the patron's name, email address, booking form responses, institution, date, and pass type can all be made to any existing bookings. Bookings can also be canceled.

Manage bookings

Along with being able to edit the details, there are other functions that you can perform for your bookings via the Booking Explorer. Please note that bookings made for digital passes and bookings made for physical passes (using Equipment items) are managed separately.