Setting up Custom Domains for LibGuides, LibAnswers, or LibCal

What is a Custom Domain?

It's any URL you choose to use your your LibGuides, LibAnswers, or LibCal site which does not end in,, or So if you want to have your site's URL be more like you institution's site, you can do that! Examples of custom domains:


These are the only 3 products which allow custom domains. LibStaffer, LibWizard, LibInsight, and LibCRM do not allow custom domains.

Instructions for IT Staff:

  1. Create CNAME entries on both your internal and external nameservers. Use the appropriate target from the list below, based on both product and location.

    Do not add your institution's name to this server address. Our server will map your domain name to your site.

    The US Region servers host any institution in the United States as well as any country outside of Europe and Canada.
    Product US Region EU Region CA Region
    If using a security certificate:
    If using a security certificate:
    If using a security certificate:
    ‚ÄčOnce your changes have propagated (which could take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours), your custom domain name will load the Community site for the relevant product. This is the proper response! We still need to make an update on our side to point your custom domain to your site.
  2. Use our utility ( to make sure that the DNS records have been created properly / let us know that your domain is ready:
    • Select the appropriate product.
    • Enter your custom domain.
    • Click Check Address.
  3. If the domain check returns a message stating your domain is pointing to one of the end points above, please review and verify it is pointing to the appropriate end point.

    If the domain check returns errors, please check your entries for typos and ensure that the domain target is correct, as listed above, and does not contain any additional data.

    DNS changes can take awhile to make their way across the Internet, so if you check the domain immediately after it is created, our utility may report that the address is not configured. If this happens, try again in a few hours.


If your library staff or users report any issues after your custom domain is in place, please assist them with clearing their local DNS cache. If that still doesn't help, please investigate if there is network-level caching occurring.

Please contact us if you run into any other issues.

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