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LibApps Account: Having trouble logging into LibApps?

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Are you unable to log into LibApps? Here are some helpful troubleshooting tips.

1. Confirm the site is correct

Be sure you're using the right LibApps login page for your library. Each institution has its own LibApps login page, and if you did a web search for "LibApps login," for example, you might have ended up on another library's login page. You can tell by looking at the header of the login page—it'll show the name of the institution.

Example of the institution name at the top of the LibApps login page

2. Reset your LibApps password

Hey, it happens—sometimes you forget your password. Or perhaps you never got around to setting it up when your account was created. Either way, click on the Reset Password link on the LibApps loging page and follow the prompts to request a password reset email. The email will contain a time sensitive link that will allow you to set a new password.

  • The email should arrive immediately. If you don't see it after 5 minutes, please check your email account's spam folder.
  • If it's not in your spam folder, check with your IT staff to see if emails coming from donotreply@libapps.com are being quarantined as spam by your email server.
The password reset link on the LibApps login page

3. Make sure you're using the correct email address

Password reset requests are sent only to emails that are found in our system. If LibApps can't find your email attached to any accounts, then your account may be using a different email. Do you have an alias for your email account? Or perhaps you used a Gmail account, instead? Try using an alternative email address to log in. If you're not sure, check with your local LibApps admin to confirm that you have an account and which email address you're using.

4. Ask your LibApps admin to change your password

Speaking of your local LibApps admins, they can change your password for you. Once you're logged back in, you can then change it to something else via your My Account page in LibApps.

Still having issues?

If you have confirmed that you are on the right login page, using the right email address, and using the correct password, there can be certain situations where your browser is holding on to an expired cookie for your LibApps session that needs to be cleared.

To clear the LibApps cookie, you can visit: institutionsubdomain.libapps.com/libapps/logout in your browser—replacing "institutionsubdomain" with the LibApps subdomain for your site (which can be viewed via the URL for your LibApps login page).