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Setting up LibAuth if you are an InCommon or UK Federation member

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Is your institution a member of InCommon or the UK Federation? If so, you can get started with LibAuth using our express setup!

What's a federation, you ask? A federation provides a common shared framework for providing access to online resources. They use a standard set of metadata and attributes, which make setting up LibAuth a breeze.

Before you begin

Before setting up your new LibAuth configuration, you'll want to work with your IT staff on the following:


  • Only if your site does not automatically add InCommon service providers (see the InCommon Federation Technical Guide for more info), your IT staff will need to add Springshare as an authorized service provider using the appropriate Entity ID for your region. You will find a link to the Entity ID at the top of the Configuration tab after creating your new LibAuth configuration.

The Entity ID link under the Configuration tab

Server Information

  • You'll need to know the entityID of your SAML configuration.


  • If you want to set up optional group permissions, you'll need to know the names of certain attributes (such as status or department), along with their possible values.
    • For example, if you have an attribute for "Department", you'll want to know the names of the departments that you can pick from.
    • This will allow you to create group permissions so you can restrict access to things by department.

Getting there

LibApps Admin users can add and manage new configurations by going to LibApps > Admin > LibAuth Authentication.

Navigating to the Manage Authentication page

Adding a new configuration for InCommon or UK Federation members

From the Admin > LibAuth Authentication page in LibApps:

  1. If you have not yet created a LibAuth configuration, skip to Step 2. Otherwise, click on the Add Configuration button to create another one.

Screenshot of the Add Configuration button

  1. From the Search for Your Institution dropdown, select your institution from the list.
  2. Click the Save button to continue. The correct Server Info, Parameters, and Attributes will automatically be filled in for you.

Selecting an InCommon or UK Federation institution

  1. Optionally, you can edit your configuration to review and change any info, as well as enable additional features such as LibApps Login.

editing a configuration

  1. If your institution has a custom logout URL, you can enter it under Server Info & Parameters. All other server info and attributes will be prefilled for you.

the custom logout url field

  1. Under General, give your configuration a name.
  2. If you'd like, you can also provide notes or details about this configuration for your reference.
  3. Click the Save Configuration button.

general fields and save configuration