How do I obtain a security certificate for my custom domain name?

We are pleased to announce free support for Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates. Similar to the certificates that we manage for Springy domains (e.g.,, these short-term certificates for your LibGuides domains will be installed and renewed by us at no cost or bother to you. Simply change your site’s domain to your desired custom domain, and LibApps will automatically do the rest!

  • Please allow one business day for our automated process to obtain, install, and activate your Let's Encrypt certificate.
  • Let's Encrypt certificates will also cover the www. version of your custom domain name.
  • If your existing custom certificate is about to expire or is removed, we will automatically replace it with a Let's Encrypt certificate to ensure no loss in HTTPS coverage.

If you would like to obtain your own certificate for a specific site (e.g. not a wildcard), you can generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) within LibApps and use it to obtain a CRT file from your Certificate Authority (CA).

If you you would like to obtain a wildcard certificate to use with multiple sites, obtain a KEY and CRT directly from your CA and upload them to each of your sites.

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