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How to add or remove LibApps admin permissions for a user

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The Manage Accounts page allows LibApps admins to edit the information for any account in your LibApps system and enable/disable their LibApps admin permission.

To add or remove admin privileges from other users, those users must first have a LibApps user account in one or more of your Springy apps (e.g. LibAnswers, LibCRM, LibCal, LibGuides, LibInsight, LibStaffer, and/or LibWizard).

  1. From the LibApps dashboard, click on Admin from the command bar and choose Manage Accounts.
    • Not sure how to get here? Look at the blue button in your orange navigation bar: if it says, "LibApps" then you're in the right place!
    • Otherwise, click the blue button and select "LibApps" from the dropdown menu. You can use this same menu to go back once you're done.
  2. Click on the Manage Account () icon in the Actions column for the account you want to edit.

set an account as a LibApps admin, step 1

  1. Under the Account Information tab of the Manage Account page, use the LibApps Account Level field to add or remove admin permissions.
    • To make the user an admin, click Admin‚Äč.
    • To remove admin permissions, set this to Regular.
  2. Click Save.

set an account as a LibApps admin, step 2

Remember: these admin permissions only extend to your LibApps settings -- they do not give the user admin permissions in individual Springy apps (e.g. LibGuides, LibCal, etc.). Those are managed separately within each app. For more info on LibApps admin abilities, check out the article What Can a LibApps Admin Do?