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Add forms, surveys, and quizzes to guides using LibWizard Item widgets

What should I use it for?

If you also subscribe to LibWizard (including LibWizard Lite, which is included with LibGuides CMS), you can easily embed the forms, surveys, and quizzes you create in LibWizard to any of your guides -- no embed code required! You can embed any form, survey, or quiz that either you own, or has a status of Public in your LibWizard system (meaning anyone can view/edit it). Remember: quizzes and tutorials are only available in the full version of LibWizard.

Unlike other asset types, LibWizard Item assets are not added to your assets library and cannot be reused.

Want to add or upgrade a LibWizard subscription? LibWIzard Lite (included with a LibGuides CMS subscription) allows you to create forms and surveys, while the full version of LibWizard includes the ability to create graded quizzes and interactive tutorials & assessments. If you're interesting in adding a LibWizard subscription or upgrading your existing subscription, please contact our Springy Sales Team for more details.

What shouldn't I use it for?

You cannot currently embed LibWizard tutorials using these assets. To do that, you will instead need to copy your tutorial's embed code and paste it into a Media/Widget asset in your guide.

Add a new LibWizard Item to a guide

To create a brand new LibWizard Item asset from scratch and add it to your guide:

  1. While editing your guide, click on the  Add / Reorder button at the bottom of the box where you want add this.
  2. Select LibWizard Item from the dropdown menu.
  3. From the Item dropdown, select the form, survey, or quiz you want to add from your LibWizard system. (Tutorials are not included in this list.)
    • The asset will use the same name as your widget in the assets library.
  4. Use the Position option to choose where the new asset should be inserted in the box. (Don't worry: you can always reorder it later.)
  5. Click the Save button.

Selecting LibWizard Item from the Add/Reorder dropdown

Creating a new LibWizard Item asset

Edit and remove LibWizard Items in a guide

  1. To manage a LibWizard Item, click on the its Edit () icon.
    1. To customize the asset's settings, select  Edit.
    2. To remove the asset from your guide, select  Remove.
      • This will completely remove the asset from your system. However, it will not delete the original form, survey, or quiz in LibWizard.

Options for editing a LibWizard Item

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